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Chumphon marine life is diverse and impressive. Vibrant corals, colourful fish, cruising turtles, and the possibility to dive with a whale shark. With calm seas and clear waters for most of the diving season, there is much to see.

Whether you join us for a PADI course or fun diving trip, you’ll get to explore some beautiful dive sites. Our experienced team of Instructors and Dive Masters know where to find all the best marine life in the Chumphon Marine Park, and will make sure you get to see as much as possible. In general, our divers are interested in four different categories of marine life:

●  Our corals – Without which Chumphon marine life would be nowhere near as varied and spectacular.

●  The big stuff – Whale sharks and other large marine creatures like turtles and passing rays.

●  Fish – Brightly coloured fish of all shapes and sizes have made the Chumphon Marine Park reefs their home.

●  The small stuff – For some divers, finding new nudibranch or minute crustaceans in the cracks and crevices is what it’s all about.


Corals are the unsung heroes of our tropical ecosystem. Without the corals, there’d be way fewer fish to look at, and the dive sites would be much less colourful and awe-inspiring. Corals form the very foundation of the reef on which all other life forms thrive. Corals are typically separated into two varieties: hard corals and soft corals. Hard corals include boulder coral, brain coral, staghorn coral, and table coral. Soft coral species include whip coral, fan coral, bubble coral, carnation coral, sun coral, and cup coral.


Sharks are a major attraction on every diver’s bucket list. For many, the chance to swim with a whale shark is the ultimate diving holiday experience. Whale sharks are more common at Chumphon dive sites than on Koh Tao and can be seen regularly, although the best time is

usually between March and June. Other shark species can also be spotted cruising the marine park, as can several turtles and a few different species of stingray.


There is an abundance of resident fish in Chumphon Marine Park, comprising both reef dwellers and pelagic species. Common sightings of reef fish include butterflyfish, angelfish, bannerfish, parrotfish, groupers, anemonefish, lionfish, pufferfish and filefish. Schooling pelagic species include snapper, barracuda, jackfish, and even the occasional swordfish.


If you’re a macro lover, then Chumphon dive sites will not disappoint. If you take your time and look closely during your dives, you’ll be rewarded with some great finds. Keep a look out for nudibranchs on the reef walls and critters like shrimp, crabs, and octopus hiding in the cracks and crevices of the inner reef.

Whatever time you visit, and whether you choose to dive only in Chumphon or book a package that also includes diving on Koh Tao, we’re sure that you will leave with spectacular underwater memories that last a lifetime. If you’re planning your trip around specific marine life sightings, be sure to let us know in advance so we can help you arrange the best possible schedule.

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