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Go diving on Koh Tao with Sensui Dive Resort and experience the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand. We offer you flexible packages for PADI Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver courses that allow you to see the best of Chumphon Marine Park and go diving on Koh Tao.

Scuba diving on Koh Tao is famous for its vibrant coral reefs and abundance of marine life. Just like at Chumphon dive sites, there is lots to see and options available for every level of diver. Koh Tao is just over 70km from Chumphon Marine Park. However, you don’t need to go far in the Gulf of Thailand for the underwater landscape to change. By integrating dive sites in both locations into our dive course packages, we aim to provide you with the best of both worlds and show you as much variety underwater as possible.

The waters around Koh Tao are calm and clear for most of the year, and currents are usually mild. The coral reefs begin within just a few metres of the shoreline and encircle the island. There are also some deeper pinnacles a few miles offshore. Transit times to reach the dives sites range from 20 minutes to an hour. The dive boats are comfortable and provide complimentary snacks and refreshments.


The dive sites are normally busier on Koh Tao compared to diving in Chumphon, but you will get to see plenty of beautiful marine life. The specific dive sites we visit depend on certification levels and the weather conditions, but some examples include:

Japanese Gardens – A coral-packed dive site just off the eastern coast of the Instagram famous island of Koh NangYuan.

Mango Bay – A shallow, sandy bay at the far north of the island flanked by walls of coral on either side.

Twins – A set of two large bouldery pinnacles covered in corals with a swim-through opportunity on the northern edge.

White Rock – One of the biggest and most popular sites for diving on Koh Tao, there is plenty to see as you traverse the corals, sand, and rocky boulders.

Green Rock – A dive site comprising several interlocking pinnacles with several swim-throughs and a small cave to explore.

HTMS Sattakut – Our divers love to visit this sister ship of the HTMS Prab. HTMS Sattakut is almost identical in design, just a little bit deeper!

Shark Island – A small island on the Southeast corner of Koh Tao, where carpet corals, whip corals, and an array of fan corals stretch into the distance.

Chumphon Pinnacle – Sets of enormous granite pinnacles extend upwards from the sea bed. Covered in anemones and attracting plenty of pelagic fish schools, this is a firm favourite among Koh Tao divers.

Southwest Pinnacles – With schools of pelagics, lots of cracks and crevices for macro life, and large overhangs for bigger fish to hide under, there’s plenty to see for all levels of diver.

Interested in going diving on Koh Tao? Contact us for an informal chat about schedules and options.

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