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Diving in Chumphon Marine Park is a unique experience. There are over 40 islands and dive sites to choose from and virtually no other divers to share them with. This provides our divers with the opportunity to see plenty of marine life with minimum other boat traffic. “More fish, fewer people” is our mantra! Most of the dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand are located around Koh Tao, Sail Rock, and the Ang Thong Marine Park. The dive industry on the mainland may be smaller, but Chumphon Marine Park is much larger, and the quality of the dive sites make it a real hidden gem. Only 70km of water separates Chumphon from Koh Tao, but the feeling underwater is quite different. If you are used to diving on Koh Tao, then diving Chumphon Marine Park will feel like stepping back in time to experience its true natural beauty before becoming a tourist magnet and diving mecca. 


Chumphon Marine Park may be one of the lesser-known diving spots in the Gulf of Thailand, but there is no limit to what you may find under the surface. When you come diving with Sensui Dive Resort, you’ll see a wide variety of marine life and experience the dazzling beauty of pristine dive sites, all with a personal touch. In addition to diverse corals and an abundance of fish, you have the chance to spot lots of nudibranchs, many invertebrates, turtles, and whale sharks. Whale sharks are more common in Chumphon Marine Park than on Koh Tao and can be seen regularly throughout the year, both underwater and from the surface. If you’re looking to plan your trip around whale shark sightings, the best time is between March and June.

For adventurous divers, there are dive sites with caves, wrecks, and swim-throughs to explore. The area offers rewarding experiences for divers of all levels because dive site depths range from 8 to 30 metres, and visibility is usually 15-20 metres. If you’re planning your trip around dive site conditions, visibility is normally incredible from May through to September, 

For an exciting dive holiday or weekend break, diving in Chumphon Marine Park with Sensui Dive Resort is a must-do for underwater lovers, nature enthusiasts, and divers seeking an off-the-beaten-track ambience while maintaining all the quality and customer service of a bustling tourist hub.

Fun Diving
Short on time? Already completed enough PADI courses? Looking for new diving opportunities? Come fun diving in Chumphon Marine Park and enjoy one of the most memorable diving experiences of your SCUBA diving journey. 
We offer fun dive packages for 2, 3, and 4 nights, and we can organise longer stays on request. Photography services and underwater camera rental is available for those who want to hone their skills and show off their diving memories on social media!
Contact us for more information and to plan your stay.

PADI Courses
We offer a full range of PADI dive courses from Discover SCUBA Diving through to PADI Divemaster. All our courses and training activities are conducted in strict accordance with PADI standards and are run by our highly experienced team of multilingual PADI professionals.
With Sensui Dive Resort, you can learn at your own pace with PADI eLearning and kick start your diving experience on arrival. This will save you hours of classroom time that you can spend relaxing and exploring the Chumphon coastline instead. 
Contact us to learn more and start your SCUBA training today!