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SCUBA diving in Chumphon is becoming well-known in Thailand, a country already famous for its vibrant tropical reefs and amazing marine life. Southern Thailand is a destination for lovers of clear water, golden sands, picture-perfect views, and great hospitality. Chumphon is a small city with a long string of beaches and many small islands just o the coastline. It is the gateway to the South, where Sensui Dive Resort is proud to lead the way in SCUBA Diving. Chumphon is often used as a stopover to the Gulf islands, but is also a stunning location in its own right. With a small but established tourism industry, the area is well suited to people who like to explore lesser-known places and avoid the crowds. SCUBA diving in Chumphon offers a wide range of experiences to divers of all levels. Our easy-to-access dive sites are home to an array of marine life, including whale sharks and turtles. Sensui Dive Resort is located outside the city centre and offers a tranquil resort, restaurant, and bar. Our location close to the river pier means it’s just a short boat cruise to the open sea, ensuring short transit times so you can ll your days with plenty of diving. Sensui Dive Resort is a full-service dive centre, offering PADI courses from beginner to professional level, all conducted by experienced staff. We also offer fun dive packages for SCUBA divers looking for a weekend escape from Bangkok and other surrounding city hubs. SCUBA diving in Chumphon is suitable for anyone looking to explore peaceful, quiet dive sites a little further away from the main tourist trail. Sensui Dive Resort boats are very well maintained and custom-built for diving adventures. The best dive sites surround small islands that dot the sea not far from the mainland and offer beautiful views back towards the Chumphon coast and its stunning beaches. Whatever you want to get out of your SCUBA diving holiday, Chumphon and Sensui Dive Resort have everything you need - convenient transport connections, a full range of PADI courses, fun dive packages, long uncrowded beaches, and a small, vibrant city with exciting night markets, bars, and restaurants. Contact us to learn more about joining us on your next SCUBA diving holiday, and book your courses and trips to go SCUBA diving in Chumphon!

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